My Father’s Guiding Hand

little-girlx580I had a most awesome earthly father, who taught me never to fear anything when I was still a little toddler sitting on his lap–How did this come about?–My grandfather made me cry by trying to put a white fluffy little feather upon my arm trying to scare me, saying it was a ‘gogga’–My father got furious with my grandfather and took me into his arms, put me on his lap, explaining to me that the feather was harmless, and blowing it playfully around in the air, and after a while he put it on my arm and blew it away!

This was the beginning of my education about fearlessness–The second lesson I learned was when I was about three years old, and my father asked me to fetch something from the pantry when it was already almost dark, and I got a heck of a fright seeing a big black dog sitting in the corner of the pantry–I shrieked and ran back to the bedroom where my father was, trembling like a leaf in the wind–My father took my trembling hand and walked me back to the pantry put on the light, and low and behold , the black dog was a pare of those long black rubber gumboots, which fishermen wear when they walk into the river to fish!

The third test was when he took me one evening at dusk to the graveyard when I was about 5 years old, and told me to climb over the gate, walk through the graveyard and pick a little branch from the Cypress Trees at the end of the graveyard, which I did because I trusted him.

The fourth test was when he was teaching me to drive a car on a muddy road at the age of about 14 years old, telling me beforehand what to do when the car starts to slide upon the slippery muddy road–I made a booboo and the car made a hundred percent turn-about when I hit the brake, hitting the tire completely off the rim–My father got out of the car and patiently changed the tyre, and when the job was done he said to me: “Get back behind the wheel and follow my instructions!”–I protested because I was rattled to the very core of my being, but he insisted, saying to me: “You have to conquer your fear otherwise you will never be able to do this within the future!”–That was it!–I did it, and I conquered ALL fear!

Namaste! written by: Louise de Beer

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I have published this piece by Louise de Beer for two reasons:

  1. As an illustration of common practices in too many families (what the grandfather did)
  2. As an illustration of a loving, guiding hand that makes big difference in the psyche of a young one (what the father did)

Although the ideal parental method is illustrated by the father’s actions, it is the games of the families that mimic the grandfather’s actions that are all too present in the raising of children and even worse actions.

What remedies are there for fears, scares, poor perceptions based on this societal gaming? This stuff lies within, unknown, haunting, suffocating. Years of therapy has been the typical way for many, too many lifetimes of rehashing, re-subjecting the body to the experience only serves to release destructive hormones into the body, once again and as many times as re-experienced; destructive!

Many turned to religion as a possible answer. The body is a amazing construction (see Your Body Never Lies; more; more) The placebo effect, known and studied demonstrates that amazing things can happen when the right triggers occur; instant or near-instant healings, explainable but never-the-less, true validated healings. So, if you are one of the ones who experienced deep change by turning to religion, or any other thing, Celebrate and move on!

However, there yet remains those who are still wounded, for the most part in unknown ways. What do they do? The varieties of therapy for healing are plenteous, with widely varying degrees of effectiveness. (I know, I’ve tried many of them) What I found, that for me was so profound, was the Heart Forgiveness/Core Health processes. The DTQ process I found to be easy, not rehashing/re-living old traumas, but easily transforming old belief patterns, that held limiting energy, into a story that now held no limiting energy patterns; WOW!

(Note: If any of these terms seem to be unclear for you see this Quick Glossary.)

Since my experience with these processes, I chose to become a Facilitator of the Heart Forgiveness/Core Health process and have witnessed profound changes in others as I experienced myself. The processes are so deeply profound that I became involved in bringing them to those in the world who are desperately searching for relief from the hauntings, the self-sabotaging limiting behaviors that hold them back, stress or depress them. Results speak for themselves, but folks, prior to experiencing Heart Forgiveness, have little, experientially,  to relate to, so my quest has been to build the tools to help people find these power tools for themselves. Start here this is what you can find: 

Find the roar of freedom

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