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There is a pure part in the Core of our Being, silent, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, untouched by hands, unseen by eyes, unheard with ears. Water cannot dampen it, heat cannot scorch it, ice cannot freeze it. The passage of time cannot diminish it, nor does it age. Referred to by ancient spiritual texts as the Self, the Spirit, all-encompassing Love, the Christ within; It has been covered over by layers of confusion, junk and debris in the form of limiting, fear-based beliefs and desires, resulting in dis-ease; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The EXPERIENCE of this Core Self is peace that passes understanding, which positively impacts one’s mental, emotional and physical HEALTH.

There is a PROCESS that has evolved out of many years of spiritual and psychological research that is aligned with our deepest intentions to awaken to this Core of pure health and happiness. This process deeply, thoroughly and with amazing rapidity assists the mind in identifying and releasing these accumulated layers that obstruct the awareness of all-encompassing wholeness that is our Core Self.

Johan Miller, Rev.My name is Johan Miller. Let me tell you why I am here.

Under ideal conditions we would BE/Live in wholeness from the womb to the tomb, thinking, talking and walking differently.

For many of us, we are here in less than ideal conditions. We had no control over our early years of living. Most of the ‘programming’ that runs our lives in the present was downloaded into us before the age of 6.

The knowledge of who and what we really are has remained – although secreted away – through Ancient traditions. Today, some of our most brilliant scientists are discovering the validity of this knowledge. Now is the time for this most profound knowledge to ‘bust out’ of its hiding place. Quantum physics, string theory, new findings in biology, brain and heart science all calidates the teachings of the Ancients.

I have dedicated myself to bringing this new/ancient revelation into your life. Through the Heart Forgiveness/Core Health process I facilitate (guide) human kind on a journey back to wholeness in an easy, quick and life enhancing manner.

The ‘less than ideal’ conditions that convinced us to live small, to live in dysfunction, to have less, to contract, to believe in anything ‘less’ – has brought imbalance, stress, unhappiness, etc.

The profoundly powerful journey of Heart Forgiveness frees us of toxic baggage that we do not have to carry (many times we do not even consciously realize that we do carry). Releasing toxic loads from our lives makes our journey through life magical in comparison to our experience to date.

Can you live in perfection? Can you think without guilt, fear or stress? Can you walk in wellness? Can you experience Joy Unspeakable? Can you triumph in this life?

A resounding YES to each question can be achieved by you.

Will you live a ‘limitless’ life? This is possible.

There is real magic in the world… it resides inside YOU!

Allow me the honor of guiding you back to it!

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About me:

First and foremost my life is spiritual. Inspirational speaker and author, teacher, Life Energy worker, Core Health/Heart Forgiveness Facilitator, Intuitive, Listener, Action Taker who loves to have fun with all of it, all in ‘divine play.’

Father, grandfather, friend, fiance to a wonderful woman and ‘read between the lines’ person, who loves to travel beyond ‘belief’ to Truth.

We live in a phenomenal time on planet earth (gaia) coming into a new ‘Golden Age of Enlightenment.’ Wouldn’t you love to join me?



Johan Miller, Rev., CHF, HFF, FMF

Toledo, Ohio

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Phone: (419) 740-0639

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