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I just saw this post on Facebook. At first glance it sounds like solid advice, but:

  • what’s in your subconscious? unknown
  • what have you convinced yourself, over the years, is true? unknown
  • what causes you to self sabotage yourself? unknown
  • when was the last time you really wanted to make changes that you were able to accomplish them?

Bottom line, your subconscious poor past programming is stacked against your will!

Heart Forgiveness easy buttonLooking for the Easy Button?

Here’s what others are saying:

“At first, I didn’t notice a drastic change, just a new, lighter feeling of relaxation. However, I noticed that relaxed state was staying with me even as I went about my daily chores and work day.” Heidi

“At first, I wasn’t sure about re-visiting areas of my past, but the clearings were unbelievable. I experienced such freedom within. I have noticed considerable change and light within. I felt ‘energy’ for the first time, engulf me, and love me.” Nancy

“My most significant shift is having affirmation of what I knew to Be true at the Core of my Being…” Linda

“The process opened new directions and paths for me to explore.” John

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