Clearing the Tangled Forest of Our Lives

mind prison

Clearing “clutter,” old decisions, and obstacles by expanding our inborn core of health releases many signs and symptoms of dis-ease. This easily frees each individual to achieve greater power, health, creativity, and enjoyment in daily life. Louis Pasteur, father of microbiology, on his deathbed, saidThe terrain is everything. The microbe is nothing.”

Yes, but how do we “prepare the terrain” of our inner life to be excellent. How do we access all of our body and all of our brain — our wisdom, our creative genius beyond mere functionality? How do we expand this into daily action? This is the practical application to achieve peak health and performance in our personal life, business, and sports.

In a forest, to grow corn effectively, we would prepare the terrain by removing trees, stumps, rocks, and  plowing the soil. Now the corn can be planted, receive sunshine and water, and bring forth a bountiful crop.

Heart Forgiveness/Core Health clears the tangle and forest of our lives.

Heart Forgiveness/Core Health assists individuals in preparing their inner terrain of innate core health, the fertile uncluttered ground that exists within us all. Living from fertile ground enhances our effectiveness with outside andinside factors — in all areas of our lives.




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