Traveling The World For You

Hello, Johan Miller here again.

I am able and willing to bring Core Health/Heart Forgiveness to the far corners of the world or to a local group. There are many creative ways to get me to your area to facilitate Core Health Intensives and/or Heart Forgiveness Intensives. These profoundly powerful processes are clearing accelerators opening participants into their own diamond of divinity quickly, easily, and measurably. From Heads of State to farmers we all have basically the same internal programming that can be rewritten, we all carry angers that can be released, there is unforgiveness that steals our energy. Everyone can experience the same freeing experience the Core Health/Heart Forgiveness processes afford.

Whether it’s Toledo, Ohio or Bangor, India or Sidney, Australia or Sedona, Arizona weekend intensives can be formed in your area. Prices and availability vary so get in touch today and let’s make plans for your acceleration liberation.

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1 Comment to “Traveling The World For You”

  1. By Pamela Gregory, November 28, 2009 @ 5:32 pm

    Love your site Johan! Full of such wisdom and knowledge. The genuineness in which you share this work comes shining through. You exude the qualities that you teach and it is a true honor to have connected with you!