Heart Forgiveness Series

Forgiveness is the Way To Peace. . .

The Heart Forgiveness Process

Anger releases high voltage, toxic chemicals and hormones inside the body, damaging organs and one’s ability to think clearly and creatively. These contribute to a wide variety of diseases from heart disease to cancer to arthritis to clinical depression. “Heart Forgiveness” creates the “Relaxation Response” by releasing endorphins – the joy and bliss “feel good” molecules into your body. How do I move past anger management and courses and medications into living freely, effectively and JOYfully? The Heart Forgiveness process easily dissolves anger and resentments. You experience the positive shifts immediately in your body and energy – in your whole being. Life becomes EASIER and more FUN.  Inner PEACE becomes not only possible, but measurable!

Dr. Norm Shealy: “One of my patients exclaimed, ‘I cannot afford the luxury of depression.’ The same is true of anger – anger is like drinking poison and expecting it to kill the other person. Heart Forgiveness (forgiving from the heart) is essential for health and life.”

Heart Forgiveness Series:
Location to be announced
Facilitated by Johan Miller, Rev.
Heart Forgiveness / Core Health Facilitator
Dates & Times to be announced
 Cost: $295 (+ $40. for materials)
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Johan Miller 

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